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405 South Rose Drive; Palmer, AK   99645 | Phone: (907)745-5609 

At Power & Light, Inc. we have over 50 years of combined experience.  You can feel confident we'll get the job done, complete and correct.
No matter the work, big or small, weather you're starting from scratch or need maintenance work or upgrades, be it local or remote, Power & Light, Inc. has all the skills necessary to get the work you need done.
We perform work in all fields: residential, commercial, or industrial.
Want to increase the value of your home or property?  Power & Light, Inc. can install an automation system that'll help you rest comfortably knowing you have top of the line security.  Plus, you'll impress your guests, family, and friends when you show off total control throughout your building, and it's all at your finger tips.  This system includes complete access via your computer, through the internet, or even on your iPhone!  All connections are secure.  Make an appointment to stop by our show room, we'll show you how it all works!
Our friendly staff are helpful and polite and willing to answer any questions you might have.  And, as Alaskans we can help you anticipate future obstacles weather challenges can bring.  We are professionals who care about your satisfaction and the quality of our work.
Still feeling unsure or need more information?  Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE!  When you meet us first hand and after some friendly conversation, you'll know we're here without pressure to provide the best of the best expert quality controlled service every time.
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